Classification of Hotels Based on Stars


Type of hotel based on star — Classification or category of hotel division is indeed divided into several types. in the previous article the classification of hotel types was based on the location where the hotel was built. for that on this occasion I will discuss the classification of hotels based on the stars they have. as we know that star hotels are almost every city in Indonesia, ranging from one to five star hotels.

Starred Hotel

Hotel classification in Indonesia is done by conducting a review every 3 years conducted by PHRI by considering several aspects. starting from the number of rooms, facilities and equipment provided, management system model, service bermotto. taking into account these aspects, the hotel is divided into 5 levels.

1. One-Star Hotels

1 Star Hotel
1 Star Hotel

One-star hotels are types of hotels that are classified as small because they are managed directly by the owner. usually located in a crowded area and has close public transportation and entertainment at reasonable prices. As for the criteria. among others: – Number of standard rooms. minimum of 15 rooms – Bathroom inside – Standard room area, minimum 20 square meters

2. Two-Star Hotels

2 Star Hotel
2 Star Hotel

Two-star hotels are usually located in easily accessible locations, meaning access to the location of the hotel is very easy. The building is well-maintained, clean and tidy and the location is pollution-free. As for the criteria: – Number of standard rooms, minimum of 20 rooms – Minimum suite of 1 room – In -room bathroom has telephone and television – Standard room size, minimum 22 m2 – Suite room area, minimum 44 m2 – Room door equipped with safety – There must be a lobby – Air conditioning with ventilation – Minimum lighting capacity of 150 lux – There are sports and recreational facilities – The room is equipped with air conditioning with air regulator – Have a Bar

3. Three-Star Hotels

3 Star Hotel

Meanwhile for three-star hotels usually located near the highway, business centers and shopping areas, offering the best services, spacious rooms and a lobby full of decoration. The hotel employees on duty look neat and professional. The following criteria: – Number of standard rooms, minimum 30 rooms – Minimum minimum of 2 suite rooms – Bathroom inside – Standard room size minimum 24 m2 – Suite room area, minimum 48 m2 – Room has its own Toilet – Has facilities for recreation and sports – Rooms are equipped with mechanical air regulator (AC) with a temperature of 24 OC – There is a restaurant that offers dishes above average at breakfast, lunch and dinner – Has valet parking

4. Four Star Hotels

4 Star Hotel
4 Star Hotel

Four-star hotels include hotels that are quite classy with employees and staff who are more professional in serving guests who come. They are also provided with information about tourism around the hotel. The hotel has a large enough building close to shopping, restaurants and entertainment. the waiter is above average so guests will be satisfied when staying. The following are the criteria: – Number of standard rooms. minimum 50 rooms – Has a minimum of 3 suite rooms – Bathroom inside – Standard room area, minimum 24 m2 – Suite room area, minimum 48 m2 – Has a Lobby with a minimum area of 100 m2 – Has Bar – Having facilities for recreation and sports – Bathroom equipped with hot / cold water installation – Has Public Toilet

5. Five Star Hotels

5 Star Hotel

Last five star hotels. This hotel is the most luxurious hotel with a variety of additional facilities and multilingual services available. Five-star hotels hold the principle that guest is number one so that when guests arrive greeted at the door entering the hotel, welcome drinks are given and when in the room are given a wine list that can be chosen. The criteria for this hotel are: – Number of standard rooms, minimum 100 rooms – There are a minimum of 4 suite rooms – Have a private bathroom in the room – Standard room size, minimum 26 m2 – Suite room area, minimum 52 m2 – Bed and furniture in the room quality no.1 – There is a restaurant with room service for 24 hours a week. – There is a fitness center, valet parking, and service from a concierge with mature experience.